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Flume And Chet Faker


  1. 1. This Song is Not About a Girl

  2. 2. Drop The Game



For our first featured artist of 2014 we look at a unique collaboration between two of Australia's best new music practitioners.

Producer Flume (pictured left) and modern soul singer Chet Faker (pictured right) released the "Lockjaw" EP at the end of 2013, a year which saw Flume claim four ARIA awards and tour the UK with Disclosure playing to sell-out crowds, whilst the soulful Chet Faker played the US extensively including a tour with acclaimed electronic outfit, Bonobo.

Having worked together previously on “Left Alone”, the plan for a collaborative release was hatched when they toured Australia together with the 2013 Laneway Festival.

Shortly after, the two headed to Sandy Point and Narre Warren Victoria for a four-day writing binge. The result is the three-track EP that unites the strengths of each artist - the classy, understated beats of ARIA Producer of the Year Flume, and Chet's incredible timeless voice and sense of melody.

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