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The Dead Formats


  1. 1. Freaks

  2. 2. A Day In The Life


The Dead Formats are undeniably British - in their accents, their style, their attitude and their influences. Their strongest roots lie in British bands such as The Jam, The Sex Pistols and The Buzzcocks, who subsequently invited the band to support them on their most recent tour giving The Dead Formats further confidence and credentials to take things to the next level.

Having fine-tuned all the elements that make their sophomore effort ‘At Sixes and Sevens’, an essential listen, The Dead Formats deliver buzz-saw guitars courtesy of Glenn Wizik and Chris Spencer, the double pronged vocal attack from vocalists Darren Ditton and Francis Waller and thundering rhythm section from bassist Jon Poulten and drummer James May, taking it to a whole new level, progressing their sound into a fully-fledged beast, eager to be set upon the earholes of the unsuspecting public.

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