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Death by Sexy


  1. 1. Sixteen

  2. 2. T.V. Eye


Death By Sexy are three girls from London with a frontman hailing from Los Angeles - two of the world’s greatest rock 'n' roll cities. With a anthemic tribute to glam rock, Death by Sexy play flirtatious garage rock 'n' roll and have been on the London pub circuit throughout 2012. Playing to hedonistic crowds eagerly dancing in overcrowded sweaty back rooms, they make noise which must be what Marc Bolan handing the baton to Billy Idol sounded like.

The love children of The Black Keys and The White Stripes, with Band of Skulls as their Godparents, Death by Sexy can surely no long contain their avid gig goers within the walls of back rooms. Having already obligingly met demands to play bigger venues round the UK over the past few months, as well as performing for a live stream at Sensible Studios for Music Week - these kids are set for big things in 2013.

Their next London Show is at The Camden Barfly on Friday February 22nd, and Death by Sexy will release new track Baby Blue in March 2013.



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