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The Selecter


  1. 1. London's Burning


Interview with Pauline Black

Our latest featured band are 2 Tone and Ska pioneers, The Selecter. Back on tour with a new album for 2013, we took the chance to speak to Pauline Black, and jumped at the chance to share an exclusive track from the brilliant new album, "London's Burning". Read on for interview, tour dates and more.

What can we expect from your new album "String Theory", and why the scientific title?

Well it's not really a scientific title in that sense, I mean it's scientific in the respect that string theory means that everyone is made of the same stuff, vibrating strings, that's the universe, everything that we can see, everything that we know about, and probably everything beyond that. I think the way that we've tried to interpret that, is that it feeds very well into our whole ethos of multi-culturalism, which if you like is a movement on from 2 Tone, and also, we feel we are tied to our past. We have this back catalogue of songs, which is where people know us from, "On My Radio", "Too Much Pressure", "Missing Words", "Three Minute Hero", and obviously people want to group us into that whole heritage band thing, because they love those songs, but we felt it wasn't good enough to get back together and trot out the hits. We actually wanted to say something about the times that we live in. We felt that 2 Tone meant something - a great deal to us, and we feel that the same kind of issues that were around, racism, sexism are still here, and we wanted to put our stamp on it, and what we had to say about today. A band worth its salt should be saying something about what's going on today.

How does touring with The Selecter in 2013, compare to touring between 79-82?

It's a lot more comfortable. I prefer touring now. The band is in a good format at the moment, the people are really like minded, it's great being back with Gaps Hendrickson, and that whole male/female duo at the front is unique within any of the 2 tone bands that recorded on 2 Tone, and it allows us to explore a wider range of issues, themes and music generally, because you have the different registers of voice so it can be that much more interesting, much more interplay.

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It’s been two years since pop/ska/2-tone legends The Selecter reunited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their iconic debut album “Too Much Pressure”, which featured the classic hits “On My Radio”, “Missing Words”, “Three Minute Hero” and “The Whisper”. During that time, the band continued touring in UK and Europe, re-building their fanbase and garnering excellent reviews. Now, not content just to rest on their heritage status, they wanted to say something about current times.

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String Theory Tour dates - March 2013

Thu 28 Feb - Sub Rooms, Stroud *
Fri 01 Mar - Fleece, Bristol *
Sat 02 Mar - Phoenix, Exeter
Sun 03 Mar - Academy 2, Liverpool *
Thu 07 Mar - Academy 2, Newcastle *
Fri 08 Mar - Oran Mor, Glasgow *
Sat 09 Mar - Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh *
Sun 10 Mar - Academy 2, Sheffield *
Thu 14 Mar - Wedgewood Rms, Portsmouth
Fri 15 Mar - Corn Exchange, Hertford
Sat 16 Mar - Robin 2, Wolverhampton
Sun 17 Mar - The Globe, Cardiff *
Thu 21 Mar - The Waterfront, Norwich
Fri 22 Mar - East Quay, Whitstable *
Sat 23 Mar - Assembly Hall, London * & Special Guests TBA
Sun 24 Mar - Concorde 2, Brighton *
Thu 28 Mar - Arts Centre, Colchester *
Fri 29 Mar - Brudenell, Leeds *
Sat 30 Mar - Rock City, Nottingham *
Sun 31 Mar - Auditorium, Ricoh, Coventry *

* Talisman Supporting

For more information about The Selecter's String Theory Tour go to

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