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Jonathan Boulet


  1. 1. Hold it Down

  2. 2. Creeper

  3. 3. Set it off


  1. 1. Hold it Down


Sounding as far as can be from the imagery his name might conjour, Australia’s Jonathan Boulet reveals his new video for ‘Hold It Down’, ahead of his forthcoming European debut album release ‘Gubba’ out August 25th via Popfrenzy/ Caroline. 

Filmed in the more rural parts of North West Sydney & directed by Jack Saltmiras, Jonathan said the idea behind the video "was basically to form a "Lame Motorbike Crew".

"The main rider is my Dad. He was going to sell the motorbike so we used the chance to immortalise him on the bike. Hours after they took the last shot, he sold the bike for cash and it was gone forever.”

After two records on esteemed Australian label Modular (home to the likes of Tame Impala, Cut Copy, Pond & many more) which were both critically and publicly praised back home, Boulet has relocated to London to take on the West of the globe. 

Gubba showcases a snotty, riffy new sound for Jonathan, heavier than anything he's done before, and with more in common with the likes of Les Savy Fav & Fucked Up than his previous electronic-led work. Gubba is entirely self-produced and bludgeons like a doom record sped up to garage-punk tempos; pop music with a scummy outer layer.


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