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Feral Five


  1. 1. Strung Out

  2. 2. Skin


  1. 1. Strung Out


Raised by wolves on a diet of punk rock, disco and roots, Feral Five make feral indie electro.

With a surreal cyber-punk inspired visual accompaniment, new single ‘Strung Out’ melds jittery lyrics, a driving beat, and punk guitar, with a sweet but twisted chorus. 'Strung Out' is out now, and available as a free download, above.  

Shot in dark corners of East London amongst broken but living technology, we see creeping cables, a computer heart and a giant rat’s cage all feature throughout the video - think David Lynch meets Shinya Tsukamoto.

'Strung Out' is the follow up to Feral Five’s debut EP Skin which had a 9/10 review from Louder Than War who said they “might just have released the best single of 2013”. They also got the nod from Creation Records founder Alan McGee, and Everett True. The title track was dubbed "A modern slice of electropunk disco", "Patti Smith meets Hot Chip at Dalston Superstore", and "The White Stripes go to Berlin".

The band is Kat and Drew Five, who have a 50/50 musical partnership that melds punk attitude and biting lyrics with a dark lived-in pulsing heart. They are obsessed with science, and write songs about the dark human side of tech, as well as love, lust and madness.

Feral Five recently headlined Hackney Oxjam, and have supported The Woodentops at Dingwalls, played Death2Disco at Notting Hill Arts Club, and performed live at Red Vomit night in East London. The Strung Out launch party was at Doomed Gallery in Dalston on Saturday 7th December.


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