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Joel Culpepper


  1. 1. Heaven


  1. 1. Passenger (El-B Remix)


Emerging South London singer/songwriter Joel Culpepper provides viewers and listeners with an alternative sound, with his brand of Hip Hop/Soul infused music. The British Frank Ocean, perhaps?

In honing his craft on the live circuit for a number of years and impressing audiences and music critics alike with his distinctive sound and impassioned catalogue of songs, Joel Culpepper is set to become one of the industry's most valued contributors of this generation.

His band, aptly named The Transformers, provide the musical backdrop for his shows. The talented band certainly live up to their name as each musician plays another instrument and changes over, or ‘transforms’, during his dynamic live sets.

In 2009, Joel Culpepper released his first Mixtape, ‘The Adventures of Pensmith’, which was well received. In February 2011 Joel Culpepper released his second Mixtape, ‘Joel Culpepper Meets J. Dilla’ which generated considerable interest among bloggers and music fans. This project, a tribute to the late great producer, showcased Joel Culpepper’s creativity, song writing skills, and quirky unique vocal style.

Joel's debut EP which is now available to purchase via iTunes demonstrates yet more of his versatility, as he champions individuality through music that is honest, real, and unforgettable.

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