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The Travellers


  1. 1. Summer With No Sun

  2. 2. 74 Times



The mod / soul / pop duo The Travellers formed years back during their travels in Europe; Robert P the Lead guitarist and Gemma singer songwriter have been playing and composing music that capture the essence of the classic groovy Sixties tracks, with Motown beats and fuzzed up guitar, and wonderful timeless melodies. For live shows they enlist additional musicians; Fred on bass, Gildas on guitar and Moses on drums.

Gemma and Robert are two 60s enthusiasts bringing an updated sound of that dynamic era to an all the more modern audience.

They released a double A sided single, "Summer with no sun" on 7" vinyl in Autumn 2012 on Lemoncake Records. Listen to the title track on our player above.

The Travellers play The Lexington, London as part of the Modernistique 10th Anniversary alldayer on Sat 10th August 2013.
More info and tickets here


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