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Regal Safari


  1. 1. My Animal Regal Safari Remix

  2. 2. Only


December 11

"Brighton-based Regal Safari, comprising of three members - Guy, Jozef and Sean, began creating their audiovisual works in April 2011. Following on from initial success with the online release on free download of 'Only' and 'Triumph', they set up studio in London to record an EP's worth of material that displays a distinct apathy for barriers in musical direction. The visual spectrum to this came into place neatly, from bleached out celebrities, stroboscopic jellyfish and 3D wireframes - a certain awareness of surrounding and location is pivotal in Regal Safari. The live show is an intimate affair with their triumphant debut show at Binnacle Festival trapping the audience in the re-constructed live take on the wireframes of 'Light'."


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