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  1. 1. Made Up

  2. 2. Lush


November 11

NIAS tell the story of the transformation of a city. It's about run down avenues and new faces. It`s about the lonesome life on an island, as well as the collective euphoria. Just like their hometown, NIAS are impulsive and unpredictable. They create a sound that works in the club as well as in bed. Coarse vocals, synthetic baselines and a moving beat meet rich harmonies and cool elegance. The result is great pop music that catches your ears and makes you want to dance.

The Bands started as a duo, when singer/songwriter/guitarist Nikolas Tillmann (Tille) and drummer/producer Milian Vogel set up their own recording studio and start creating the NIAS sound. In 2010 the band is completed by multiinstrumentalist Georg Wende. In the same year, the self titled debut album "NIAS" is released on their own label Schmaeckt Records. The songs "Made Up", "Lush" and "Cut" easily find their way into the playlists of the radio stations.

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