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  1. 1. Rendencion

  2. 2. Cuentos Modernos


November 11

GENTLE MUSIC MEN is Dani Poveda’s project. He used to be the singer and guitarist of Flint (Bip Bip Records). It was summer of 2007 when he finally gathered a bunch of musicians to engage in this new adventure: Miquel Tello, David Charro, and Elisabet Barrau. Pleasant melodies and subtle arrangements define this band from Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona. The songs start in his own studio, “Le Güertal II”, from Dani’s soft voice and his acoustic guitar and grow with the undeniable talent of his fellow musicians: Miquel’s Beatle-esque touch, David’s emphatic lines and Elisabet’s delicate violin. Those first songs became the self-published debut album “GENTLE MUSIC MEN”, later reissued (January 2008, PIAS Spain). The previous demo achieved several awards (Best 2007 Demo in Disco Grande at Radio 3, Proyecto Demo 2008 Live Contest First Award) and the album got excellent press reviews and public acclaim. This success took the band to the most important Spanish festivals, as Primavera Sound and FIB Heineken.

After 2 years gigging and lots of hours in the studio, GENTLE MUSIC MEN released their self-produced second album “CUENTOS MODERNOS” (February 2010, PIAS Spain), this time singing in Spanish. Dani retrieves the substance of that young power pop he used to play in Flint; he eagerly cultivates it and embellishes it. Influenced equally by The Beatles and Ron Sexsmith, by The Zombies and Josh Rouse, by all those who traced the sentimental map of pop, those who were lucid and sensitive and gave pleasure to our souls when we were young.

After almost 100 gigs, from el Puerto de Santa María to Tokyo, and several live formats, from Dani acoustic solo shows up to 8 musicians on stage at major festivals, GENTLE MUSIC MEN got involved into an ambitious project, SATURDAY MORNING RECORD CLUB, covering 13 of their favourite songs from some of their idols. New recording and producing techniques were tested, and some friend-musicians were invited to this adventure. Almost 2.000 fans joined the club and free-downloaded the covers from A special gig in Bikini (Barcelona) with all the contributors performing on stage closed this experience.

In summer of 2011, GENTLE MUSIC MEN get back to the studio to prepare the recording of their third album “SUEÑO INFINITO”, out in 2012.


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