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Lydia Baylis


  1. 1. Star Man

  2. 2. Streets Of Gold



September 11

Admired for her beauty by the legendary Lauren Bacall and garnering vocal comparisons to Dido, Carly Simon and Marianne Faithful, the glittering British singer/songwriting talent of Lydia Baylis is on course for galactic success as she launches her debut physical release, ‘Starman’, on 1 August, but it will be available for download from 6 June via  Written in homage to one of her greatest musical influences, David Bowie. ‘Starman’ will be a fundraising campaign for the Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal – a sincere hand of support from an artist personally affected by the tragedy of war.

A track of epic proportions, ‘Starman’ delivers a jaw-dropping cocktail of gripping instrumentals which work as a bespoke sound-bed to Lydia’s incredible voice. The track exports the listener on an exhilarating journey, which beautifully explodes into cascading drama and excitement as Lydia’s powerful Dido-esque vocals envelope the melody to create a sheer musical masterpiece.  Lydia writes about what she sees around her, as she explains, “With Starman, I wanted to write about feeling lonely and wanting to be saved.  It has an element of The Little Prince, a touch of the fairytale of a knight in shining armour in the form of a Starman from outside our ‘world’ to take you away.”

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