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Benjamin Francis Leftwich


Benjamin Francis Leftwich is a young man getting a serious amount of attention at the moment. The 21 year old self taught guitarist from York creates such comported, beautifully crafted acoustic it is difficult to believe he is so deft at his craft at such a young age.

Signed to Dirty Hit, he has constructed two extremely revered EPs, "A Million Miles Out" produced by Ian Grimble (Mumford and Sons) and "Pictures".

Holding supporting slots for Noah and The Whale, Fionn Regan and Lisa Mitchell, Benjamin has already distinguished his target audience. Influenced by Nina Simone and Sigur Ros he conveys emotions without falling into the loophole of overstatement other "singer / songwriters" so often do, every track is writhing with honest sincerity.



Leftwich’s debut EP ‘A Million Miles Out’, released at the end of 2010, garnered a significant amount of praise including great support from Radio 1 DJs Zane Lowe and Fearne Cotton. The EP’s opening track and highlight ‘Atlas Hands’ displays perfectly the delicacy of his vocals, as he gently croons over layers of acoustic guitar. Furthermore, the addition of female backing vocals, provided by the brilliant Hayley Hutchinson, act as a pleasant surprise to an already beautiful song. The EP continues very much in a similar vein with picked guitars and soft vocals surrounded by meaningful lyrics throughout.

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