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Jackson Analogue


  1. 1. Janis 320



Jackson Analogue are a band to warm the rock'n'roll hearts of all those who still believe that music is about passion not fashion and the right song counts for more than the right hair cut. Hailing from England's deep south - and you can't get any deeper than the Isle Of Wight - the lusty five piece create music that is raw and vibrant, characterised by epic riffs, memorable songwriting, killer vocals and maverick attitude.

Their forthcoming album debut - recorded over 18 months in a Victorian water tower on what was once Queen Victoria's estate - displays a dazzling range of influences. A deep respect for the blues-rock of Muddy Waters, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Credence Clearwater Revival, a classic British sensibility that derives from a love of the Who, Led Zep and Family an appreciation of the '60s r&b sound of labels such as Stax, Chess and King and an affinity with the '90s grunge of their own youth are all mixed and matched to create a sound that is uniquely their own, taking the best of rock'n'roll's rich patchwork and re-stitching it in new shapes and patterns for the 21st century.

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